How to Keep Car Expenses Lower

There are lots of things that we have to pay out for when we have a car. This can mean that running a car can be really expensive. However, there are also ways that we might be able to cut down on those expenses. This means that we could manage to reduce our bill quite significantly if we cut down in lots of different areas. The main ones are discussed in more detail.


For some drivers, insurance is one of the largest expenses they have. There are ways that it can be reduced though. Firstly, it can be worth comparing different insurers to see whether you can find a cheaper one. Many of us have brand loyalty and therefore will want to stick with our current insurer but this can mean that we are paying a lot more than necessary. It is therefore worth checking. Even if you do want to stick with the same one, it is well worth asking them to see whether they can reduce your premium. Sometimes if you let them know that you are thinking of going somewhere cheaper they might just reduce the price or they might let you know how you can change your policy so that it is cheaper for you. Also try to keep your claims down as this can make it cheaper as can paying annually rather than monthly.

Breakdown Cover

Break down cover can be really useful. It can help you if your car breaks down and therefore you might feel that the peace of mind is worth it and that it will work well for you. However, it is worth comparing prices as there are a number of different break down companies and some will be cheaper than others.

A good breakdown cover plan can save you a fortune.


Getting your car serviced can cost a lot of money at times. If it needs repairing then there will be additional costs too. However, there will be places that are cheaper than others for doing the same job. For example, if you go to a dealer, they are likely to be more expensive than going to a different garage. It can be a good idea to check the prices of your local garages and also ask local people for recommendations. You might even want to consider doing the service yourself, you should be able to find the information that you need online to show you what to do.


Everyone has to fuel their car. It can be a good idea to compare the costs locally to see whether there are places that you can go that are cheaper. It is generally the case that supermarkets are a bit cheaper but you need to work out how much further you need to drive to buy it as this extra distance might outweigh the savings that you make. It is also worth thinking about whether there are ways that you can drive more efficiently to reduce the amount of fuel that you use.

Buying Cars

When buying a new car, whether brand new or second hand, it is good to think about a few things. It can be tempting just to think about what you want and need and the price, but it could be good to think about other things as well. Consider the cost of insuring, fuelling and servicing the car. Think about the cost of spare parts, the fuel efficiency and how much it cost to insure before you buy it as this will impact the ongoing running costs of it. It may mean that you will end up paying a little more for a car but you will then have less to pay out while you own it, so it could be well worth it.

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